Sunday, 2 November 2014

Visit Bloomington Nissan Dealers to Get 2014’s Best Retained Value Car

With a fuel economy that's at 38 miles per gallon, there's really no question that the Altima is one of the best bets for frugal folks this year. While there are those who would prefer buying the 2014 or the newer 2015 model in mint-condition, they couldn't go wrong if they choose a pre-owned unit instead. Provided that it has seen proper maintenance, this car make is robust and reliable enough to maintain its performance even after gaining several mileage. With the attractive financing options offered in an established Bloomington Nissan dealership, such as Royal on the Eastside, and a decidedly lower price than a brand new unit, a pre-owned 2014 Altima would definitely be a good buy.

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